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*P&G survey reveals the top turn off noticed by customers  "A bad odour"

grease trap grease recovery unit
grease trap grease recovery unit
grease trap grease recovery unit
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grease trap grease recovery unitgrease trap grease recovery unitgrease trap grease recovery unitgrease trap grease recovery unitgrease trap grease recovery unitgrease trap grease recovery unitgrease trap grease recovery unitgrease trap grease recovery unit
Our grease trap Services

Over 50,000 businesses trust in Big Dipper to protect their kitchens from grease

Magnete offers expert advice on sustainable grease recovery solutions (GRUs) and grease traps for your business.

hidden grease trap costs
grease trap grease recovery unit

What could it cost your restaurant or commercial kitchen if you fitted the wrong grease trap?

About Us

The team of industry experts behind Magnete

We have three essentials underlining our growth strategy: customer focused innovation, high quality production and understanding the people we are partnering with.

About Us
grease trap grease recovery unit
Our Process

A simple, yet powerful and  efficient process

Whether you read through online or talk directly with the team, you will get everything you need. Grease traps and grease recovery unit (GRUs) have never been so easy.

grease trap grease recovery unit

1. Start

We start with a simple free or charge grease trap consultation. We will ask a few questions over the phone or by email and get back with a few budget ideas.

grease trap grease recovery unit

2. Review

Take all the time you need to review your grease trap proposal and when you are ready to commit we will schedule a follow up on site to review the grease trap details jointly with you.

grease trap grease recovery unit

3. Execute

Once we have agreed on everything and you have decided whether you want to make the grease trap DIY project or request an expert to install the grease trap . We proceed.

grease trap Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Here is a selection of recent grease trap projects and what their owners had to say about us and our grease trap product range.

grease trap grease recovery unit
FOG partner Magnete

"Binder Limited has been dealing with Magnete now for a few years, using the Thermaco products.The requirement now to remove FOG at source has become even greater. Taking on this challenge we are grateful for the relationship we have with both companies. It has become a real pleasure growing our grease trap business with them. They consistently show a willingness to help with every project."

Tony Shaw
Binder Limited
grease trap grease recovery unit
Logo Aqua Mundus

"I would highly recommend Magnete. They are extremely responsive and reliable Any grease trap questions and issues are resolved quickly, professionally and efficiently."

Nathen Puyat
Aqua Mundus
grease trap grease recovery unit
Godfrey Big Dipper

"At Godfrey’s we try to operate as responsibly and sustainably as we can, installing the Big Dipper means we're meeting current legislation and reducing our impact on the environment and local drains."

Luke Godfrey
Godfrey's Fish and Chips
Choose the right product

Don't let fat, oil and grease distract you from your purpose. We will help you choose the right grease trap or grease recovery unit (GRU) for your facility.

Big Dipper

Grease recovery unit (GRU) Designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens who want control over grease management, Big Dipper's automatic and passive interceptors and accompanying accessories offer compact, easy-to-manage solutions to take the pain out of dealing with grease.

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grease trap grease recovery unit
grease trap grease recovery unit


No need to sacrifice design or durability when it comes to capturing grease and solids from a full facility. Trapzilla is the leading alternative hydromechanical grease interceptor on the market. This includes the TZ-1826 grease interceptor which holds as much grease as a traditional interceptor 3 times its size.

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Case Studies

The results speak for themselves

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grease trap grease recovery unit
Binder Limited

Fit for FOG (Fat, Oil & Grease)

Since establishing Binder Ltd. in 1964, Wallace Binder has stayed on the cutting edge to lead his company into new markets. He wasn’t about to let grease clog his vision for growth.

Yield from FOG
Fatbergs created
grease trap grease recovery unit

Hospital Remedies Grease Affliction

A hospital waiting area can sometimes be an intimidating place. It should be as non-threatening a place as possible. But what happens when the placid solitude of the lobby is interrupted by teams of maintenance employees cleaning and sanitising the floor after a wastewater backup?

Grease Blockage
Articles & News

Browse our content on Magnete Blog

A selection of news and articles to keep you update with legislation, grease trap news, and other developments in the FOG world.

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grease trap grease recovery unit

Q&A on venting Grease Traps

Q: Why is venting a grease trap so important? A: Water isn’t the only thing flowing into your grease trap. Air gets in, too. As water levels rise inside your grease trap, this air compresses. This isn’t just any air, either. It’s some of the funkiest air you’ll ever smell. Without proper grease trap venting, it will affect you in one of two ways:

June 10, 2022
grease trap grease recovery unit

Fat, Oil & Grease - It can't be me blocking the drains... can it?

Written by Andrew Crook published in FFR For many years I have had issues with the drains at my shop, not regularly, but every so often there will be a blockage. My shop is on a parade of shops which are mostly occupied by food premises. In the past, previous owners of some of the takeaways have been caught pouring used cooking oil down the drain so when we have had a blockage, I always put it down to the other operators as the drains run my way. With the Government’s Environment Bill currently ‘ping ponging’ between the House of Lords and the Commons, and Cop26 taking place as I write this, it’s a good time to explore this issue.

June 3, 2022
grease trap grease recovery unit

First things first how to increase productivity

It's Monday and it feels this could be the best week ever. Well-rested from the weekend, time off all the work issues as well as a much-needed break and quality time. Thriving from Monday energy, to-do list are crossed of at super sonic speeds, coffee a pleasure not a necessity and tasks are getting done quicker than expected. Would it not be nice to carry this momentum through the week?

May 27, 2022

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