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Local distributors offer a wide range of support including training, sizing, and sales of Big Dipper and Trapzilla grease trap products. Our direct support provides web training on products and sizing for projects. Looking to become a partner contact us

circular economy

The journey to a new, better water economy

Our commercial waste frameworks are changing on an unprecedented scale. Although the reasons for this change and the impact may vary from region to region, there are still some overarching, key trends that are driving market dynamics the world over. The global shift towards decarbonisation and understanding of resource scarcity, for example, is making waste water an increasingly important commodity in many industries and areas of life. In addition to this, previously centralised waster water utilities structures are changing as key assets are becoming increasingly distributed. This started with micro fresh and waste water treatment and is now spreading to areas such as FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) retention solution. The growing importance of the commercial kitchen in the water economy is playing a crucial role here, with customers demanding much more active focus on preserving resources.

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Circular Economy and how it should work

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